The Middle of the Road


We went to The Dupage Children’s Museum on Monday.IMG_6620

Maeli’s comment when she got out of the car was, “So this whole building is just for kids?  So the only reason parents go here is to bring their kids?  Thank you!”  She got it.  Noah got it.  And Sam got it.

He was elated to have a whole building to explore without ever being told “no.” IMG_6560IMG_6567 IMG_6587   IMG_6609 IMG_6610

They were wiped out afterwards. IMG_6621

And then it was time to see Daniel off to the Pastor’s Conference.  We took him to the College Avenue stop in Wheaton so we could visit the “Spiderman Park” while we waited.  It was worth it.IMG_6627

I have never seen the kids so excited for a train to come in.  Something about Daddy riding made it that much more special.  They were yelling and cheering and I think everyone at the stop got a kick out of it.IMG_6630   The next couple of days were a blur.  We went to the Milwaukee Zoo,  where we saw a tapir being shot by an air gun so she could get her ankle worked on.  Maeli’s favorite part was the carousel and Noah didn’t decide until the end when he had seen the biggest animal in the whole zoo, the elephant.


Since we were already in Wisconsin, we decided to head up to Grafton visit our old home.  I showed Maeli all my favorite childhood memories:

“The Tunnel”


The Island


Fellowship Bible Church


Simple pleasures, but let’s not forget I was only twelve when we moved to Colorado.

At last it was time to pick Daddy up and go to Ohio.

We made a visit to Navy Pier on Wednesday and then Friday we headed out of town.IMG_6741


We stayed with my cousin Danielle in their gorgeous farmhouse.  The kids loved it because they spent hours playing with Brady and Brock.


On Saturday, there was a joint birthday party for my dad and grandpa.  There were so many relatives there I couldn’t help but echo my grandpa’s comment, “I’ve met so many nice people today.”  It was a bittersweet time because this may be the last time we see him in this life and I don’t know about the next.  I had a long talk with him before we left pleading that he accept Christ and join me in heaven, but it is difficult to know how much he understood from that conversation.  I was not in the healthiest mindset myself, having stayed up most of the night worrying about him and writing him a letter.  I can rest assured that he’s in God’s hands now, but at the time, I must admit I was heartbroken and distraught.  The next day, we headed home.



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